Our New Poster Design Has Arrived!

michelle poster postcard

Poster Design

ryn.jpgRyn Climenhaga is a visual artist and one of the Front of House managers with the Metro Cinema Society in the historic Garneau Theatre. She lives and works in Edmonton, using a variety of mediums to create physical manifestations of the movies she sees on the silver screen of her imagination. Ryn also uses her artistic skills to help Metro Cinema create posters for upcoming films, and always welcomes a challenge. You can find Ryn’s art online at Instagram (@rynchillustrations), and you can chat with the artist via Twitter (@rynchilla)

One thought on “Our New Poster Design Has Arrived!

  1. Ryn R. Climenhaga says:

    Hi there! I am the artist and designer of this poster, and just wanted to pop in to give my information should anyone be interested in finding more of my artwork on the web. 😉

    You can find me to chat on Twitter: @rynchilla
    Or you can find my artwork on Instagram: @rynchillustrations



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