Feminist launches Edmonton women’s film festival

This article was written by Sanam Islam of Metro News and was originally published here.

It’s been a hundred years since women in Alberta got the right to vote, and an Edmonton feminist believes that’s worth celebrating.

“Amazing things have certainly happened since Alberta’s suffrage, but it’s a day for conversation on how far things still have yet to go,” said Michelle Brewer, a women’s rights activist who is launching Edmonton’s first annual women’s film festival on International Women’s Day.

“Calgary and Edmonton are rated among the worst major cities in Canada to be a woman, and that’s serious. Intimate partner violence is a major thing in Alberta, and pay equity as well,” Brewer said.

Brewer said she hopes the You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down film festival will provide an avenue for women to come together to get inspired, mobilized and support each other to make change in the community.

Four films — from Alberta, B.C., the U.S. and the U.K. — related to women’s suffrage and missing indigenous women will be shown as part of the three-night festival being held at the Metro Cinema on March 8, 15 and 22.

In addition to film screenings, sixteen female authors from Edmonton will hold a panel discussion, local artists will showcase their work, and female activists will speak throughout the festival.

Some of the proceeds will go toward a women’s suffrage centennial event, the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women and the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council for its women’s initiatives.

As a Jewish indigenous woman, Brewer said it was important for her to support women from diverse backgrounds.

“I have friends across many cultures, and I want to support them and see them thrive,” she said.

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